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Orphan and Vulnerable Children, Vocational Training Sponsorship
This year Youth Release is launching a new program that will provide far reaching benefits to the kids in the Youth Centre in Dire Dawa. As part of our work with the orphans and vunerable kids in Dire Dawa we have identified 50 youths whose lives can be radically transformed with the addition of vocational training sponsorship. Vocational training is one of the key strategies that will be used to address the psychosocial needs and rights of OVC's +that are living in poverty. It is a special program that targets potential OVC's that have expressed an interest to be trained in a specific skills that will enhance their opportunities to gain employment. This program promotes self sufficiency and is sustainable. It is thought by giving one child this opportunity, the effects of this will reflect on their families and their community as a whole. A brochure containing all on this page is available to download here: Child Sponsorship Program

The Project

The Criteria

The Mission

The Program Duration

The Program Cost

Sponsorship Form

The Project
Youth Release in partnership with the HCS have created a program that includes provisions of education, food. shelter, health care and rehabilitation of the sponsored children to the community besides building life skills of the children. Children enrolled in the sponsorship program enjoy all the services offered by the organisation including counselling, life skills training, language support at the youth centre. They will also have access to recreational and other programs offered at the YR/HCS youth centre such as the drama and music group, sports and circus group.

  • Outreach support program
  • Counselling service
  • Rehabilitation program
  • School sponsorship program
  • Vocational training
  • Sexual health awareness
  • HIV support program
  • Basic educational program
  • Recreational support

The Criteria
In order for the OVC to be able to enrol on this program there will be a strict criteria that they must meet. Once accepted on the program the OVC's will be supported throughout their training gaining some funds to support the cost of their shelter, transport, food and materials that may be needed. Once the OVC qualifies from the program, the organisation will support that youth in finding employment. Once this is found then the OVC will have completed the program and a new child can be enrolled on the program. Training will last for an average of 18 months, and once enrolled on this program the OVC's will be supported until they graduate. Any child that fulfills the criterion set for the Vocational Training Program will not be discriminated based on his/ her ethnicity, sex, disability, religious beliefs, health status and other such reasons. Essentially the goal of this program is to provide opportunities for skilled training whereby those sponsored will be able to gain employment following their training.

The eligibility criteria for being suitable for vocational training are:
  • An orphaned or vulnerable youth who has expressed a keen interest to change their lives by means of gaining a qualification in a specific trade;
  • An orphaned or vulnerable youth in the age group of 14 to 18 years;
  • An orphaned or vulnerable youth who has lost one and/ or both parents due to HIV/ AIDS and/ or the parents or care givers are not able to support the family due to economical reasons resulted due to HIV/ AIDS;
  • An orphaned or vulnerable youth whose family's total per capita income is less than 200 Birr per month and are affected by HIV/ AIDS;
  • An orphaned or vulnerable youth whose parents, foster families and/ or legal custodians are applying to enrol the child under the program;

The Mission of the Vocational Training program
This program strives to achieve sustainable improvements in the quality of life of deprived children in Ethiopia by:
Giving children an opportunity to become skilled in a specific skill whereby they can gain employment
Ensuring that children are enjoying and exercising their rights as stated in the constitution of the country and that of international conventions that; Ethiopia is committed to;
Creating an enabling environment for children so that they are able to exercise their rights;
Promoting and advocating for the fulfilment and application of the needs and rights of children.

Duration of Sponsorship
The adolescent vocational training sponsorship program will last for an 18 month period. The sponsor is not expected to pay any sponsorship fees following this timeframe.

What type of training will be offered?
Training for OVC on Practical Skills or Vocational Training on practical skills and vocational training will be organised for those OVC who have an interest and potentiall to complete the training. The program targets children aged between 14-18. The training will focus on practical skill types that will enable the young person to acquire specific skills and to have employment opportunities for a regular income. The skill training that will be offered will depend on the interest of the children and on the availability of institutions and private businesses.
The proposed types of skills that the OVC's will be receiving are those skill types that would immediately provide them with employment opportunities and improve their condition at present and lay the basis for their future. During this time the project will allocate a budget to the trainees for food, working clothes and other necessities.

The following are some of the proposed practical skill training types:
  1. Wood works
  2. Metal works
  3. Hallow block and brick making
  4. Mechanic or vehicle repairing
  5. Hotel and catering
  6. Hair dressing and barberry
  7. Driving licences
  8. Waste management and recycling
  9. Plumbing
  10. Secretarial science
  11. Mobile maintenance etc
  12. Weaving and tailoring

Employment opportunities
Children who have completed one of the above training schemes will be supported with finding employment opportunities. It is believed that the link with existing private/ government institutions in the form of apprenticeships will make securing a job much easier once training is completed.

The Program Costs
For a complete 18 month cycle we have calculated the cost for one child at €300. This figure brakes down as follows:
  • Training Costs: €45 ;
  • Feeding, travel and accommodation: €242;
  • Working clothing and shoes: €13;
There are no administration fees for the implementation of this project. Every cent of the sponsorship money goes directly to the child being sponsored. Added to this each child will have access to all activities and services offered at the Youth Release youth centre. We understand this is a substantial amount during these difficult times that is why we have not limited this program to individual sponsors only. The program can accommodate group and corporate sponsors as well as individuals. Also there is a facility to donate whatever you can afford presently.

Sponsorship Form
If you would like to become a sponsor please fill in the information form found here, via iDonate or via iDonate on Facebook.

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